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it's been said that time heals wounds...

elena gilbert {daily picture} ← ♥
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the vampire diaries, nina dobrev, elena gilbert

where am I?
Hello there! You're at elena_daily - a daily community dedicated to one of the main characters from The Vampire Diaries show, Elena Gilbert (played by amazing Nina Dobrev)! You can find here Elena's and Nina's photos, promotions and animations. Have a nice time visiting! ♥

moderators: yoassbutt and tareva1451
who is she?
Elena was introduced as a seventeen year-old young woman who lives in Mystic Falls, Virginia. At first, she appears to be melancholy and slightly withdrawn in life. She is the daughter of Grayson Gilbert and Miranda Sommers-Gilbert, and the older sister of Jeremy Gilbert. Her parents were killed in a car crash before the series started (then we find out she's adopted and her biological parents are John Gilbert and Isobel Flemming-Saltzman). Elena was also in the car with her parents but survived. Since then, she has been coping with their death, with her brother's addiction to drugs and her aunt Jenna's attempts to take care of her and Jeremy. She has the habit to write everything that happens to her in her diary.
what's the story?
Elena meets mysterious and handsome Stefan Salvatore - 162-year old vampire and his brother, Damon. She starts meeting the first one and exploring her own and Salvatore brothers' history. She finds out that she's the spitting image of Katherine Pierce, the vampire both Salvatore brothers loved and who turned them into vampires. Later on in the series, she finds out that Damon is actually in love with her.
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